Amy Moore
F For Fun Or: How The World’s Greatest Hanky Panky Man Taught Me To Love Trickery And Lies

From Tether 2, page 65

“Orson’s fakery has everything to do with magic. He manipulates his audience’s imagination, which actively collaborates both unconscious or consciously in a way that’s complicit with magicians and with charlatans — ‘A magician is just an actor … playing the part of a Magician.’ Welles believed, ‘A real magician’s task, it seems clear, is to abolish the solution, the possibility of any solution in the mind of those he seeks to amuse.’ He doesn’t want to see the strings nor the man behind the curtain. “I do not mind seeing the artist naked, but I hate to see him undressing,’ says Welles. ‘Show me your cock. That’s all right with me. But don’t striptease.’”

Tether 2, 2016
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