W. C. Bamberger
Emil Szittya

From Tether 1, page 150:

“Szittya is now best remembered for his gossipy and sensational book about the lives of the artists and writers he encountered in the early years of the twentieth century, Kuriositäten-Kabinett (Curio Cabinet [1923]). This book’s memorable subtitle translates as “Encounters with strange occurrences, vagrants, criminals, artists, religious madmen, sexual oddities, socialists, unionists, communists, anarchists, politicians and artists.” The artists considered here do not personally cover that much ground, but the esoteric potentialities Szittya finds in their lives and work are presented in such fascinating f lashes, in idiosyncratic language that conveys such sparks of insight that these essays continue to fascinate even if we are unfamiliar with the artists.”

Tether 1, 2015
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