Paul Éluard and Benjamin Péret
152 Proverbs Adapted To The Taste Of The Day (1925)

From Tether 2, page 74

71        You don’t have to drop the rod to catch the fish.
72       The cottony down of medals.
73       Wave of pennies, well of mussels.
74       A black man walks beside you and clouds your way.
75       Rats water, storks dry.
76       Children who talk don’t cry.
77       Each day deserves a tent of its own.
78       Like a pulley in a pâté.
79       Everything that gets bigger isn’t flabby.
80       A halo pierces wrought iron.
81       Fallen hair doesn’t grow back for nothing.
82       Chop the finger to fit the ring.
83       There is always a pearl in your mouth.
84       Don’t just throw angels to the demons.
85       You’ve read everything but drunk nothing.

Tether 2, 2016
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