Paul Hammond
The Song of Solomon

From Tether 1, page 8:

“What follows, then, is an attempt to chart the first stirrings of cinephilia. In it I want to triangulate the thrilling reverberation between what was depicted on the silver screen, the architectonic and social specificity of the nocturnal movie house, and the extramural setting of the diurnal world outside. For a child this reverberation was a privileged means of access to a more intense being-in-the-world, to what I later came to understand Surrealist experience to be. As I experienced them, movies, play, and the plenitude of nature were all of a piece during childhood, a particular cinema and its environs being both the stimulus and setting for my boyhood acting-out to the extent that for years afterwards the picture palace’s contours and its nearby hidey-holes continued to haunt my dreams”

Tether 1, 2015
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