Nathan Kernan
An Open Door: Scenes From James Schuyler's First Summer In Italy

From Tether 1, page 119:

“On October 20, 1947, James Schuyler sailed for Europe with his lover Bill Aalto. Schuyler was then twenty-three (almost twenty-four), not yet a poet. He had been living in New York with Aalto for the past four years and working at a clerical job at NBC Broadcasting, while trying to write fiction in his spare time. He had recently inherited a farm in Arkansas from his paternal grandmother, which he sold for $6,000 and was planning to use that money to live in Italy for as long as he could—two years as it turned out. His best friend for the past several years was Chester Kallman, W. H. Auden’s lover. Kallman was a passionate and knowledgeable lover of music, especially opera, and Chester and James were known among their friends by the camp names of Fiordiligi and Dorabella, after the two sisters in Mozart’s opera Così fan tutte. Auden and Kallman accompanied the travelers to the dock in Hoboken to see them off, and the four made plans to reunite in Italy the following spring.”

Tether 1, 2015
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