Jonathan Lippincott
Billy Klüver and Experiments In Art And Technology

From Tether 2, page 152

“Two of the most important projects Klüver took part in bookend the decade, continuing to resonate as major art events to this day. In 1960, he worked with Jean Tinguely to create Homage to New York, Tinguely’s vast and elaborate self-destructing metamatic machine, which performed its demise in the garden of the Museum of Modern Art on March 17th of that year. In 1970, Klüver led a team of artists and engineers to create the Pepsi Pavilion at the world’s fair in Osaka, Japan, a large scale showcase of sound and light technology, and of exactly the sort of collaboration between art and engineering that he hoped to encourage around the world.”

Tether 2, 2016
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