James Wishart
Fencing With Oliver Larronde; The Return Of Prosody After The Verse Libre

From Tether 2, page 144

“Already in Les Barriades mysterieuses (1946) the virtuosity of Olivier Larronde’s command of the alexandrine and decasyllable verse is striking. The collection that was written by Larronde between the age of 14 and 18 appeared after Jean Genet encouraged his own editor Marc Barbezat to publish it at L’Arbalete. Jean Genet had recently written a long sequence of quatrains in Le Condamné à mort and both Genet and Larronde shared a passion for 16th century poets like Villon and Ronsard. It is clear, however, that engagement with a tradition of “preciosity”, epitomised by the renaissance poet Maurice Scève, plays a far more important role in the poetry of Larronde.”

Tether 2, 2016
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