Holly Day
George Sugarman

From Tether 1, page 18:

“My absolute conviction is that the purpose of a sculptor is to create the presence of space.”
— George Sugarman

“The joy of life that emanates from George Sugarman’s painted wooden sculptures from the sixties is an amazing experience. Intense bright reds, blues, yellows, and greens of idiosyncratic forms spill out onto the floor or shoot into space in teetering improbable poses as if doing a jazzy dance. No wonder that one 1961 sculpture is named for Ornette Coleman whose album, The Shape of Jazz to Come, has the kind of ebullient, expansive structure of disparate parts that Sugarman admired. Both Coleman’s jazz and Sugarman’s sculpture nonetheless have an inner structure and logic that shape it.”

Tether 1, 2015
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